Date added: 02/08/2017 Get Connected with PureLink - HDMI 2.0 Extension


Comprehensive HDMI 2.0 Solutions Powered by PureLink™

PureLink introduces a new series of HDMI 2.0 solutions for complete 4K60 signal management, offering more features and options than any other manufacturer. From matrix switchers and extenders, to scalers and amplifiers, these new systems will provide reliable solutions for addressing next-generation integration requirements and deliver a more seamless transition to 4K connectivity.

Get Connected » 4K HDBaseT Extension 

As an early HDBaseT™ Alliance adopter, PureLink has engineered the industry's most innovative products embodying this technology including our installer's choice HDBaseT™ extendersHDBaseT™ distribution bundles4K matrix switching systems with HDBaseT™ 5-Play, and more.

Now, PureLink expands its HDMI 2.0 family with the addition of two new HDBaseT™ extension systems. The HCE III Tx/Rx and HTE III Tx/Rx extender pairs are the industry's first HDMI 2.0 compliant HDBaseT™ extension systems on the market supporting 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling. Featuring PureLink's proprietary Précis codec, a light compression technology, the HCE III and HTE III can transport Ultra HD/4K, multi-channel audio, and High Dynamic Range (10 bits support) content over a single CATx cable.

Key Features:

   •   Supports resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4)
   •   Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats
   •   HDCP 2.2 compliant
   •   Extends HDMI up to 130 ft. (40m) at Ultra HD/4K and
       up to 230 ft.(70m) at 1080p

   •   Précis codec - visually lossless signal transmission
   •   High bandwidth support - up to 18 Gbps
   •   Supports BT.2020 color space
   •   Bi-drectional PoE (Power over Ethernet)
   •   Bi-directional RS232 & IR extension
   •   CEC pass-through
**Available March 2017

HTE III_graphicHTE III_web
Key Features:

   •   Supports resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4)
   •   Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats
   •   HDCP 2.2 compliant
   •   Extends HDMI up to 230 ft. (70m) at Ultra HD/4K and
       up to 330 ft.(100m) at 1080p

   •   Précis codec- visually lossless signal transmission
   •   High bandwidth support - up to 18 Gbps
   •   Supports BT.2020 color space
   •   Bi-drectional PoE (Power over Ethernet)
   •   Bi-directional RS232, IR & Ethernet extension
   •   CEC pass-through
**Available March 2017


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