The PS-6300S is a six-input, all-in-one presentation switcher and scaler for analog and digital video, unbalanced stereo, and S/PDIF audio signals.



The DTE Tx/Rx provides a simple and reliable solution for extending Single-Link DVI video, power, and control signals up to 330 ft. using a single CATx cable.



The DCE II Tx/Rx provides lossless DVI video signal extension over a single CATx cable at distances up to 220 ft., combining simple set-up with reliable data transmission.



The HDTools™ HDS-21RS is a 2x1 HDMI switcher and scaler featuring PIP/multi-view display technology,  offering flexible and simple operation via RS-232, IR, and front panel control.



The HDTools™ UHD-280 is a 2x8 HDMI distribution amplifier with Ultra HD/4K support designed to reliably switch and split two HDMI sources to eight separate displays without signal loss or degradation.



The HDTools™ UHD-120 is a 1x2 HDMI distribution amplifier with Ultra HD/4K support designed to reliably distribute a single HDMI source to two separate displays without signal loss or degradation.




This item has been discontinued. 
Suggested replacement: UHD2-140 



The HDTools™ SE-DDL is an EDID emulator for single-link and dual-link DVI with advanced EDID management, providing a convenient and reliable source to display connection.



The HDTools™ HC-HV1 converts PC/laptop VGA signals high definition HDMI with stereo audio, providing output resolutions up to 1080p.


ICR100 Tx/Rx

Provides HDBaseT extension up to 330 ft., supporting resolutions up to Ultra HD/4k with built-in automatic priority switching and display control powered by iCON Automation.



The Ultimate Series high-tech HDMI cables feature a patented plug assembly using exclusive ULSTM Secure-Locking Technology that is simple to connect and delivers optimum transmission quality with added security and durability.



Provides four DVI outputs with built-in Motore™ Scaling Technology for all PureMedia Modular Matrix Switchers. Supports seamless 4K up/downscaling and switching performance.