Date added: 11/10/2015 PureLink to the Rescue! Smart Protection for Your A/V Distribution Network

In Military and Government Organizations

Security compliance has always been on the priority list for large organizations. High-traffic, mission-critical military and federal government facilities require technology that provides uncompromising quality and reliability. It is up to system integrators to employ a variety of methods to ensure security requirements are properly defined and addressed throughout the design, configuration, and implementation phases of complex A/V distribution systems.


The Challenge

Audio and video distribution components including displays, matrix switchers, and extenders all pose security risks during data transmission. The connection of a non-classified device, such as a PC, to the network could cause a security breach resulting in data leakage or hostile code injection.


PureLink to the Rescue! Smart Protection for Your A/V Distribution Network

Fiber solutions are readily used in mission-critical applications where isolation between the connected source and display is required to eliminate the potential for ground loops and electrical interference, and to provide decoupling between various devices used in an HD video system.



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PureLink's HDTools™ DVI-DOC-F Optical Signal Isolator provides the highest level of protection by:
  • Converting the electrical transmission to optical and back
  • Eliminating ground loops, surges, and spikes that may impact signal quality or cause damage to costly system components
  • Regenerating the signal, effectively operating as a repeater and cable extender to increase the transmission distance


PureLink's DVI-DOC-F can be easily implemented into any system design, providing complete signal and electrical isolation between a digital (or analog) video source and display. A/V signals can be "cut" using serial commands, or by simply disconnecting the power adapter. 

Designed as a specialized solution to meet the requirements of high security organizations, the DVI-DOC-F is deployed worldwide in Fortune 500 companies, military facilities, and federal government agencies all challenged by the need to deliver top secret information.