Date added: 09/14/2017 When Downtime is Not an Option


PureMedia™ Offers the Only Large-scale Matrix Switching Systems with Fully Modular, Hot-Swappable Redundant Power


PureLink's PureMedia™ line of matrix switchers, already praised by industry experts for its reliability and flexible, hybrid architecture, now takes modularity to the next level with its newest design release featuring a dual, hot-swappable power management system. 

With a detachable power module design, PureMedia™ matrix switchers not only support automatic fail-over to a hot spare power supply, but also allows quick and easy field replacement. This means zero downtime and risk for system failure.


When Downtime is Not an Option

Power reliability is a crucial factor in mid to large-scale signal management systems for mission critical applications like military and government entities or medical and healthcare facilities. Redundant power has become a design standard for most A/V system manufacturers as a preventive measure for system failure in critical moments. However, repairing or replacing failed power supplies often meant a lengthy commissioning process by the manufacturer. In other words - downtime.

When the system absolutely, positively has to be up and running 24/7/365, field-replacement becomes essential. The new hot-swappable, redundant power system for PureMedia™ allows users to easily swap out power modules while the matrix is still running, and it's business as usual with no uncertainty or extra steps involved. Together with 100,000 MTBF electronics, dynamic diagnostics, and rugged framework, PureMedia™ systems are truly worry-free.

Why PureMedia™?

PureMedia™ switchers are fully scalable, from 8x8 to 256x256, and proven to work consistently and seamlessly with a long list of UHD/4K devices, providing a controllable and reliable HD ecosystem. These products serve a multitude of markets, including the broadcast, corporate, educational, house of worship and digital signage verticals. All chassis sizes from PM-16X and above have been upgraded to the new hot-swappable configuration.