About PureLink ™

For nearly two decades PureLink has been leading the way as an innovator and educator in the professional A/V industry. Founded in 2002, the company has a long list of industry firsts, leveraging their extensive R&D activities to bring to their integrator and designer partners the latest in cutting edge features and functionality. Very early in its existence, PureLink helped Intel to expand HDMI’s core specifications to accommodate matrix switchers and extenders. From pioneering Pro-AV's analog to digital conversion to the latest in Ultra HD/4K connectivity, PureLink's innovations have assured consistent reliability in the most uncompromising markets.

Through reliable products and services, a talented team of thinkers and builders, valuable partnerships, and a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, PureLink is leading the world in imaginitive new directions.


Our Purpose and Values

PureLink offers state-of-the-art A/V products and services for all types of infrastructures and levels of criticality. However, first and foremost we focus on truth, breaking through the noise to deliver real value that goes way beyond 4K

We are an organization at the forefront of A/V technologies delivering the solutions of the future - right now. PureLink has earned a reputation for meeting the changing needs of the professional customer. Beyond an education, we have always been committed to transferring abundant knowledge to partners and end-users alike through comprehensive training classes and support services. Beyond innovation, our PureMedia™HDToolsPureStream™, and TotalWire brands enable system configuration within any design platform or infrastructure - mission-criticalseamless, and future-proof.  

PureLink operates every day around five points of delivery – intelligenceresourcesproductsservice, and supportWe are committed to refining this process to the point of complete transparency by relying on two fundamental principles: 
Our products do not enhance the original signal. Our design philosophy focuses simply on retaining as much fidelity to the original signal as possible, from input to output.
The latest technology does not automatically translate to a better solution. In its quest for total connectivity transparency, PureLink eschews marketing hype for real-world reliability, repeatability, and durability. With such solutions often the most difficult to create, however, PureLink constantly refines its solutions by combining detailed end-user feedback with theoretical sophistication to create a consistently superior user experience.








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