Gigabit Network Switch – 48 Port 1000Base-T, 4-Port 1000Base-X SFP w/10G Sub-cards (optional)

The VIP-NET-4804-1G is a Gigabit network switch with (48) 1000Base-T and (4) 1000Base-X SFP fiber ports  designed for use with PureStream IP Video solutions to provide simple and flexible network management. The VIP-NET-4804-1G combines many important features for reliable A/V over IP distribution including, such as IGMP, Jumbo Frame, VLAN, as well as the ability to link multiple switches.

The VIP-NET 1G Series of A/V over IP network switches provides flexible CAT and Fiber connectivity based on a new generation of PureStream IP Video solutions. Along with IGMP snooping, Jumbo Frame, VLAN, and L2+ management, the 1G Series allows multiple units to be interconnected using the optional 10G slot card to create A/V matrix systems. Designed to work reliably with PureLink’s various VIP transmitter (encoders) and receivers (decoders), the VIP-NET 1G Series is purpose-built to enhance performance and simplify the management of IP video matrix switching systems. 

Key Features:

  •          Purpose-built for high reliability and performance
  •          Various port types and flexible port expansion
  •          24 or 48 port CAT or Fiber models
  •          Support for L2+ management, QoS with ARP learning, DHCP snooping, VLAN, IGMP, and Jumbo Frames
  •          Wirespeed replication of multicast packets
  •          SNMP, RMON, Web NMS, and Telnet
  •          Optional 10G sub-cards for linking multiple switches together
General Technical Specification of VIP-NET-4804-1G 
Fixed port

48*10/100/1000 Base-T ports
4*1000 Base-X SFP combo ports
1*Console port

Extended slot 2* 10G extended slot (Rear panel
10G subcard 1*10G SFP+ subcard
2*10G SFP+ subcard
Switching Capacity 280Gbps
Packet Forwarding Capacity 131Mpps
Power Consumption <60W
Input Voltage AC:110240V/5060Hz
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0–50
Relative humidity: 5%–95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 440(L)×285(W)×44.5(H)mm
Weight <4Kg
Service Features of VIP-NET-4804-1G 
Standards IEEE 802.3ad, Link Aggregation
IEEE 802.3,10BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u,100 BASE-TX
IEEE 802.3ab,1000 BASE-T
IEEE 802.3z,1000 BASE-X
IEEE 802.3ae, 10Gb/s Ethernet
IEEE 802.3x, Ethernet flow control
IEEE 802.1AB-2005,LLDP( Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
IEEE 802.1d, Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1w, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1s,Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1q, VLAN
IEEE 802.1p,QoS
MAC Address 32K MAC addresses
MAC address learning and aging
Port-based VLANs
VLAN assignment based on MAC addresses, protocols, and IP subnets
Spanning Tree STP(Spanning Tree Protocol)
RSTP( Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
MSTP(Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol)
Link Aggregation Max 26 aggregation groups,each supports 8 ports
Static aggregation and dynamic aggregation
Port Mirroring Many-to-one port mirroring
Reliability ERPS(G.8032)
Flow Rate Limitation Rate limiting on packets sent and received by an interface
IP Routing Static Routing
Multicast IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping and IGMP fast leave
MVR(Multicast VLAN Registration)
DHCP DHCP Server/Client
DHCP Snooping
DHCP Relay
Security Binding of the IP address, MAC address, interface
Port isolation
802.1x authentication
AAA authentication, RADIUS authentication
SSH v2.0
User privilege management and password protection
and maintenance
SNMP V1/V2c/V3 and RMON
Remote configuration and maintenance using Telnet
System logs and alarms of different levels


Ordering Information


Product Description

VIP-NET-2404-1G 24*10/100/1000 Base-T ports
4 *1000 Base-X SFP combo ports
2* 10G extended slot ( Max  4 * 10G ports);
VIP-NET-0824-1G 24 *1000 Base-X SFP ports
8*10/100/1000 Base-T combo ports
2* 10G extended slot ( Max  4 * 10G ports);
VIP-NET-4804-1G 48*10/100/1000 Base-T ports
4 *1000 Base-X SFP combo ports
2* 10G extended slot ( Max  4 * 10G ports);
VIP-NET-0448-1G 48 *1000 Base-X SFP ports
4*10/100/1000 Base-T combo ports
2* 10G extended slot ( Max  4 * 10G ports);
10G subcard Subcard Description
VIP-NET-10G-SUB-1SFP+ 32K MAC addresses
MAC address learning and aging
Port-based VLANs
VLAN assignment based on MAC addresses, protocols, and IP subnets
Optical module Module Description
VIP-NET-SFP+10G-MM850 10G BASE-X SFP+ optical transceiver-850nm-0.3km-LC
VIP-NET-SFP+10G-SM1350 10G BASE-X SFP+ optical transceiver-1310nm-10km-LC
VIP-NET-SFP+1G-MM850 1000 Base-X SFP optical transceiver-850nm-0.55km-LC
VIP-NET-SFP+-SM1350 1000 Base-X SFP optical transceiver-1310nm-20km-LC





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