PureMedia™ (PM) is a complete media and data distribution management solution, proven to work consistently and seamlessly to provide a scalable, configurable, controllable, and reliable HD ecosystem. PureMedia™ offers the only complete, truly modular A/V signal distribution system, delivering the highest quality A/V and control signals where you need it to be, in real time, every time.

Ultra HD/4K
PureMedia offers a complete catalog of distribution and extension solutions for Ultra HD/4K connectivity that can be customized for any application. From 4K matrix switcher frames to 4K extenders, all with TOTALWIRE™ (HDMI, HDBaseT, and Fiber) cabling, PureMedia solutions deliver a more seamless transition to 4K connectivity than any other provider.

Universal Cross-Platform Architecture
Advanced Cross-Platform Switching Technology allows any input, any frame rate, and any format to be converted to any output variation desired, with support for HDMI v1.4, DVI, 3G/HD-SDI, VGA/Component, Fiber Optic, and HDBaseT.

Fully Modular and Expandable
The modular, slot card build of PM Matrix Switchers (fully expandable from 4x4 to 256x256), combined with a comprehensive selection of input and output cards, provide endless combinations of connectivity and formats.

Motore™ 4K Scaling
PureMedia matrix switching systems powered by Motore™ provide comprehensive features including Ultra HD upscaling and downscaling, frame rate conversion, smooth motion performance, crisp imaging, as well as auto-scaling for seamless reproduction on every display.

PureMedia matrix switching systems provide diagnostic information of input signals, displays, slot cards, and connectivity. An assortment of test patterns is available to confirm output connections and display/image verification at various resolutions.

EDID Management
The PM product line is the only matrix switching system that automatically scales each output to match the EDID from the attached displays. The result is a quick, clean switch from source to display without any disparities in the image size, position, or aspect ratio. PureMedia matrix switchers provide the most comprehensive EDID management system available, ensuring proper image display without the need for additional emulation devices.

With intuitive touch screen menus and a complete external control command set, PureMedia provides the features and functions that meet the unique requirements of each application. Third party control modules allow remote operation and automation of PM matrix switchers, providing a fully customizable solution that delivers a seamless user experience.

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The PM Series is powerful, multi-platform signal switching and distribution system, combining the best elements of HDBaseT (long distance over a single CATx cable, POE, and bi-directional RS-232 / 422 control capabilities), along with Auto-Scaling and Seamless Switching technology. PM Series Switchers are configurable from 8×8 up to 256×256, and feature a modular, field-upgradeable design. Combined with PureLink??s advanced Cross-Platform technology, the PM Series provides integrators with a fully customizable solution for any application or network.


Cross-Platform Switching Technology
PureLink’s advanced Cross-Platform Switching Technology allows interchangeable switching between any Input signal formats to any Output signal formats. PM Matrix Switcher supports HDMI v1.4, DVI, 3G/HD-SDI, VGA/Component, Fiber Optic & HDBaseT signal formats with various Input and Output selection.

Available in various I/O sizes from 4×4 to 256×256
PM series Matrix Switcher offers a wide range of Input/Output configuration to match various sized installations. Total eight size of main frames are available PM-8X (up to 8×8), PM-16X (up to 16×16), PM-32X (up to 32×32), PM-48X (up to 48×48), PM-64X (up to 64×64), PM-80X (up to 80×80), PM-128X (up to 128×128) and PM-256X (up to 256×256)

PM series Matrix Switcher provides power to the PM HDBaseT Extenders (Transmitter or Receiver) at the remote location over the same CATx cable that transmits Audio, Video, and Control. It eliminates the need of having a power on PM HDBaseT Extenders. Single CATx cable for Audio, Video, Control and Power makes installation simple.

RS-232 +
An industry first, the PM series’ RS-232 + simplifies the control issues that have traditionally complicated system design, RS-232 + enables a single serial cable connecting the controller to a PM series Matrix Switcher to also control the system on three separate levels:

1) PM series Matrix Switcher
2) PM series HDBaseT and Fiber Extenders (both Tx and Rx)
3) Devices attached to PM series Extenders (both Tx and Rx)
RS-232 + simplifies control within most systems, increasing reliability while also lowering costs by removing control design, hardware and cabling.

Auto-Scaling with Seamless Switching
The PM series offers auto scaling on both the Switcher and Extender Receiver sides, virtually eliminating latency while increasing system design flexibility. The PM series’ HDMI Output Board (PM-HOS4S), DVI Output Board (PM-DOS4S), and 3G/HD-SDI Output Board (PM-SOS4) provides auto scaling for every PM series Matrix Switcher. The HDBaseT (PM-CR102) and Fiber (PM-FR102) Extender Receivers provide auto scaling directly driven by the PM series’ Matrix Switcher HDBaseT and Fiber Output Boards.

Flexible Input/Output Switching with Auto Distribution
Each main port on the PM series DVI, HDBaseT, and Fiber I/O Boards also contains a parallel HDMI port, effectively doubling those Boards’ I/O capacity.

On the Input Side, the user can choose either the main HDBaseT/DVI/Fiber port or the parallel HDMI port via the front panel or control command, providing a 2×1 switch within the Input and thereby double the amount of Inputs.
On the Output side, the main DVI, HDBaseT, and Fiber port and the parallel HDMI are driven simultaneously, providing a 1×2 distribution amplifier with a mirrored Output for each main Output.

Audio Insertion/Extraction
Every Video port on the PM series Matrix Switcher I/O Boards also provides a 3.5mm Stereo Audio Input and Output, enabling easy extraction of 2-channel PCM Audio from HDMI or Audio from PM Extender Transmitter, as well as insertion of a separate 2-channel Audio signal onto HDMI, HDBaseT, and Fiber Outputs

Audio Attenuation and Muting
Every PM series Matrix Switcher allows volume attenuation and muting on the Audio Matrix Switcher’s Output.

Test Pattern Generator
Every PM series Matrix Switcher provides a built-in Test Pattern Generator, enabling easy testing from the Matrix Switcher to the display.

Signal Analyzer
Every PM series Matrix Switcher provides built-in comprehensive signal analysis of both incoming and outgoing signals, via the front panel LCD touch screen or control command. Signal information provided includes EDID, HDCP, transmission status, and resolution.

Preview Monitoring
Every PM series Matrix Switcher provides an HDMI preview monitoring port, which further simplifies system testing by acting like an extra Video Output.

12.5 Gbps Data-Rate Frame
Ensures lossless High Definition digital AV signal switching and distribution.

Input Boards directly compatible with PM Extender Transmitters
PM HDBaseT/Fiber Input Boards can receive signal directly from PM HDBaseT/Fiber Extender Transmitter, eliminating the need of matching Receiver.

Output Boards directly compatible with PM Extenders Receivers
PM HDBaseT/Fiber Output Boards can send signal directly to PM HDBaseT/Fiber Extender Receiver, eliminating the need of matching Transmitter.

HDMI v1.4, 3D Support
Adopting latest HDMI version 1.4 enables to support 3D, 48-Bit Deep Color, 4K2K (Optional) resolution and 7.1 Channel Dolby TruHD & DTS MasterHD

Standard Dual Redundant Power
Every PM series Matrix Switcher is equipped dual redundant power supply as a standard

Genlock for 3G/HD-SDI
PM series Matrix Switcher’s 3G/HD-SDI Output Board is equipped with Genlock feature to provide steady Video signals for optimum picture quality.

LCD Touch-Screen Display w/ Security Lock-Out
Every PM series Matrix Switcher has front panel LCD Touch Screen for intuitive operation. Security Lock-Out feature prevents unauthorized user to access to the Matrix Switcher. In lock-out mode, a password entered from the touch screen or special command sent from controller can disable the lock-out mode.

Auto-EDID (EDID Library, Emulation)
PureLink’s EDID library and emulation features failsafe EDID capture & storage to provide constant and continuous EDID for source devices.

Various Input/Output Choices
There are six Input Board types and seven Output Board types to support every conceivable digital Video format.

HDCP Compliant

Modular, Field-upgradeable
PM Matrix Switcher is designed to expand, upgrade, and reconfigure the Matrix Switcher in the field by simply installing or replacing Input/Output Board.

Multiple preset switching commands can be pre-programmed and saved in the memory. It can be recalled in the future for easy and time-saving switching use.

Analog Support (VGA and Component)
PM Matrix Switcher supports analog VGA and component signal via analog input board (PM-AIS4) or PM Extender Transmitters (102, 103 series Transmitters)

Fan, Power Supply Monitoring
PM Matrix Switcher provides real-time fan, power supply units status on the front panel LCD touch screen

PM-Universal Input/Output Boards
PM Input/Output Boards can be used in any size of PM Matrix Switcher frame.

USB Firmware Upgrade
Easy Firmware Upgrade using USB port in the rear panel (no software program required)

Three Convenient Control Methods:
Control via front panel touch screen
Control via RS-232C
Control via LAN (TCP/IP)

Maximum Distance up to 6,600ft
As part of a complete switching system, send Audio, Video, control signal and power up to 330ft over single CATx cable to and from the PM Matrix Switcher using PM series CATx Extenders and send Audio, Video, and control signal up to 6,600ft over Fiber Optic cable to and from the PM Matrix Switcher using PM series Fiber Extenders.


Resolutions up to WUXGA 1920×1200, HD 1080p @ 60Hz, and 4K2K (Optional)

Integrated Noise-cancellation and Error-correct Logic for both Input and Output Ports to prevent any damage caused by Electrical Noise.

Input Signal Type(s) DVI / HDMI (TMDS), 3.5mm stereo audio
Output Signal Type(s) HDBaseT0,1,2,3+/-
Supported Distance 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz or at 1080p, Ultra HD 4K : 330 ft (100m)
Supported Resolutions up to 4K@30Hz (4:4:4), 1080p@60Hz
Data Transfer Rate 3.4 Gbps/ch, Total 10.2 Gbps Max
Compliance DVI 1.0 , HDMI 1.4b
HDCP Compliance HDCP 2.0
Power Consumption 4Watts Max
Power Supply DC +12v
Connector Type(s) DVI 29P/HDMI 19P Female (x 1)
Product Dimensions 5.75
Product Weight 0.5 lbs (0.23 Kg)
Warranty Limited Warranty (3-Years)