The WA-100B is a professional grade one channel wireless audio system at a value price. With true diversity wireless, 32 channels, easy setup, diagnostic LCD screens, and balanced/unbalanced outputs, the WA-100B fits seamlessly into many applications from distance communication presentations, house of worship, staging and rental, permanent installations, and more. The WA-100B comes with one belt pack and one lavalier microphone and offers optional handheld microphone and podium microphone.

Key Features
    • Includes one belt pack TX and one lavalier microphone
    • True Diversity
    • 32 channels
    • Diagnostic LCD screen on Receiver and Transmitter
    • XLR and ¼” TRS outputs
    • 3.5mm audio input on belt pack compatible with many microphone brands
    • Rack mount kit included for one receiver
    • Optional rack kit for two receivers
    • Optional handheld microphone with diagnostic LCD
    • Optional podium microphone with diagnostic LCD
    • 512.550 – 524.950 MHz wireless frequency range
WA-100 / WA-101 True Diversity Wireless Receiver System - User Manual V1.0
1.0 09-02-2021 Download 1.4 MB