Don’t Break It

In many installation environments, connectivity issues caused by rigid cables, difficult connectors, tight turns, improper service loops, or simply from repeated plug insertions, often result in severe damage to the ports and connectors of expensive hardware. Whether damaged gear is repaired or replaced, the outcome is both costly and time-consuming.


The PureLink™ Advantage

PureLink’s TOTALWIRE FlexConnect HDMI Port Saver Cable is designed to prevent damage and wear on the HDMI ports of A/V devices, and quickly and easily extends the life of your distribution system. The FlexConnect HDMI Port Saver features a 6” HDMI cable extension, relieving the stress of repeated plug insertions/removals and transferring the weight of the cable connection away from the device. Couple together with TOTALWIRE PureInstall HDMI Cables to add maximum flexibility and reliability to your connectivity design.