The TotalWire™ TCM-100 is a compact table mount enclosure with a manual tilt-up lid offering customizable connections for A/V and power. The TCM-100 houses up to (12) 1U inserts including HDMI, VGA, Audio, USB, Network, and AC power.

A/V Inserts
Model Description Size
TCM-100-HDMI (1) HDMI 1U
TCM-100-VGA (1) VGA 1U
TCM-100-VGA-A (1) USB 1U
TCM-100-USB (1) VGA, (1) 3.5mm audio 1U
TCM-100-NET (2) Network/Cat6/td> 2U
TCM-100-USB (1) VGA, (1) 3.5mm audio 1U
AC Power
Model Description Size
TCM-100-AC1UN (1) Universal Outlet 3U
TCM-100-AC1US (1) US Outlet 3U
TCM-100-AC2US (2) US Outlets 4U
Combination Ports
Model Description Size
TCM-100-CM1UN (1) Universal Outlet, (1) Network 3U
TCM-100-CM2UN (1) Universal Outlet, (2) Network 4U
Key Features
    • Accommodates AV cables and AC power outlets
    • Modular design with tilting lid
    • Convenient cable management for conference and board room tables
    • Blank plates and cable pass-through inserts also available
    • Bezel dimensions: 10.5 x 5.1”
    • Mounting hardware included