Finally, PureLink brings order to the chaos of the modular extension category. Up till now, modular extension modules have all been too small for rack mounting, creating a messy, cluttered jumble of small black boxes in the rack. PureLink is pleased to introduce the breakthough PureLink RF6T and RF6R rack mount assembly for extension modules, plus a new series of smaller transmitters and receivers designed for slot-loading into the chassis. Able to mix fiber optic and CAT5 extensions, the new RF Series featurespower supply for up to six modules per chassis, eliminating a lot of small adapter type power supplies, housed in a 1RU rack housing. Performance, reliability, and value. PureLink is first again with this exclusive new way to deal with extension system modules. 



The RF6 accommodates up to 6 single-slots or 3 double-slots. It is space saving design with rack mountable enclosure.



The RF4-U Rack Mountable Extension Center is a complete extension solution equipped with a series of smaller transmitter and receivers designed for slot-loading into a main chassis.