HEXA 2.0

The HEXA 2.0 is an audio extractor/de-embedder for HDMI supporting Ultra HD/4K@60Hz and HDR content with built-in 1080p to 4K up/down-scaling functionality.



The HDTools™ UHD-Scaler-FC provides high performance upscaling and downscaling capabilities at Ultra HD/4K resolutions with frame conversion support.



The HDTools™ HC-HV1 converts PC/laptop VGA signals high definition HDMI with stereo audio, providing output resolutions up to 1080p.



PureLink's breakthrough 3G SC-DS 1 converts any DVI/HDMI signal to HD-SDI. The new interface consists of a single 3 Gb serial link. and is standardized in SMPTE 424M for up to Dual Link HD-SDI. The new SC-DS 1 can now support up to 1080p native resolution, and is compatible with PureLink's HDG-8000 Pro Hand-held Test Pattern Generator.



PureLink's breakthrough 3G SC-SD 2 converts 3G-SDI to DVI/HDMI. The new interface consists of a single 3Gbit serial link, and is standardized in SMPTE 424M for up to Dual Link 3G-SDI. The new SC-SD 2 can now support up to 1080p native resolution. Field tests by several broad stations in Southeast Asia over the past year have confirmed the SC-SD 2's reliability and compatibility with existing platforms. (Not HDCP Compliant)



PureLink’s HEXA01 is an audio extractor for HDMI with PCM multi-channel to 2-channel downmixing capabilities. The HEXA01 - housed in a compact, portable frame, along with low power consumption – provides a simple and convenient way to extract audio from an HDMI signal. The HEXA-01 features outputs for analog stereo, and digital S/PDIF, and supports HDMI1.4, 48-Bit Deep Color, as well as full 3D.



HC-HD1 is designed to deliver the highest quality picture preserving the native resolutions of the video sources without any signal loss. At the same time, the digital noises that may affect the picture quality will be eliminated. Due to the nature of the digital signals and passing through multiple stack of connection, it is important to eliminate the digital noises and boost the signal strength to preserve/enhance the video signal quality, which HCHD1 does.