The HE101-U Signal Equalizer provides a convenient installation solution for extending and amplifying high-bandwidth HDMI 2.0 signals using standard HDMI cables in a home or office environment.



The TotalWire™ TWF2-1000 3mm jacketed multimode duplex fiber optic cable featuring SSF™ technology provides superior strength, durability, and increased safety in the field.


PLH series

The PLH Series Locking Screw HDMI Cables feature unique, secure locking connectors that prevent strain and loose cable connections in the most demanding installation environments.



The HDTools™ SE-DDL is an EDID emulator for single-link and dual-link DVI with advanced EDID management, providing a convenient and reliable source to display connection.



The Ultimate Series high-tech HDMI cables feature a patented plug assembly using exclusive ULSTM Secure-Locking Technology that is simple to connect and delivers optimum transmission quality with added security and durability.



FLC1 SERIES Multi-Mode 1 LC Fiber Optic Cable FLC1-010 Multi-Mode 1 LC Fiber Optic Cable with TotalWire Technology - 10m FLC1-020...



FLC2 SERIES Multi-Mode 2 LC Fiber Optic Cable FLC2-010 Multi-Mode 2 LC Fiber Optic Cable with TotalWire Technology - 10m FLC2-020...



The CATx RJ45 modular plug is designed for use with PureLink's TOTALWIRE CX Series cables to further ensure a reliable connection.



FLC4 SERIES Multi-Mode 4 LC Fiber Optic Cable FLC4-010 Multi-Mode 4 LC Fiber Optic Cable with TotalWire Technology -...


CX Series

PureLink’s TOTALWIRE™ CAT-X with End-to-End Shield is a certified U/FTP cable built for performance and reliability, providing support for 10 Gigabit data transmission including Ultra HD/4K and HDBaseT in high noise environments.



The DVI-DOC-F offers a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use signal and electrical isolation solution for fiber transmission . Simply send a serial command or disconnect the power adapter from the DVI-DOC-F to isolate a signal transmission from source to display.